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An Integrated Pest Management
Newsletter for Trees and Shrubs

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About this Newsletter

Branching Out logoObjectives of Branching Out

  • Extend Knowledge to Arborists and Other Tree Care Professionals
  • Focus Reader's Attention on All Aspects of Pest Management Including:

             1. Resistant Varieties
             2. Improved Plant Vigor
             3. Timely, Efficacious Pesticide Use
             4. Alternatives to Pesticides (e.g. Biological Control Agents)
             5. Realistic Assessment of Pest Impact on Plant Health

  • Supply Timely Information Related to Biological, Cultural, and Chemical Management of Insects, Mites and Diseases
  • Guide Pest Management Activities Toward Windows of Maximum Opportunity
  • Improve Diagnostic Skills
  • Improve Communications Between The Research Community and IPM Practitioner

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  • Timely Information on All Aspects of Insect, Mite, and Disease Management Specifically for New York State.

  • Contents: Scouting Report,Feature Article, Phenology, Growing Degree Days, Regional Reports, Meeting Memo, Bookshelf, and Miscellany.

  • Published Every Two Weeks from April through July and Every Three Weeks July Through September.

  • Developed by the Department of Plant Pathology at Cornell University in Cooperation with Cornell Cooperative Extension and the New York State Arborists, ISA Chapter